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October 24th , 2019

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October 20th , 2019

Utopian Trap returns to Pacifica, CA, this time at Winters Tavern





November 17th, 2017




September 30, 2016

Album Reviews so far :

August 4th , 2016

The Human Price on ProgSphere

"Albums That You Probably Missed in 2016, But You Shouldn’t Have"


Utopian Trap is an American progressive metal band who just came up with a fresh album titled The Human Price. Before I say anything about the album, I must point out that this sophomore album of the young band is worth enough to be considered as an enchanting experience to your ears.

The album starts with a cinematic entrance with the title track “The Human Price.” The song is almost 10 minutes long, and the connection between the intro part and the rest of the piece is maintained by a robust-sounding bridge fully developed by electric guitars. I, personally, am not a fan of having a title song opens a release, as it feels like a sort of cheating having everything offered right off the bat. However, the track listing of The Human Price breaks my prejudice about this.

Throughout the album, there are tons of strong guitar riffs and notes that make up the solos are very emotional and touching. With the addition of powerful vocals, courtesy of Eric Boles, which are fitting very well with progressive metal Utopian Trap offers here, and considering the sudden rhythm changes, it is shown that this album will carry the band one step forward on their trajectory.

The Human Price is very heavy metal-influenced, as well. You can hear the sounds coming straight from the ‘80s heavy metal. That adds diversity to the album’s structure, and of course makes The Human Price richer.

The weakest link in my personal opinion on the album is the inclusion of harsh vocals on “Wired Ruins.” I don’t find them fitting to the overall vibe of the album, but apart from that there is nothing to complain about, what suggests you that The Human Price gives you enough reasons to give it a try.

On the lyrical side, The Human Price deals with questions: how far the humanity has come? How did we come to where we are today? How is the technology involved in our lives? Did that “modern life” bring happiness to us? Everything has a price to pay. The Human Price.

Buy The Human Price from Bandcamp.

July 13th , 2016

CD release announcement :


June 30th , 2016

All mixing and mastering for the second album is done and the CD is slated for an official release on July 13th, 2016.



September 1st , 2015

Utopian Trap is currently busy recording their second album, to be released in 2016.



July 10th , 2015

Utopian Trap returns to Rooster's Roadhouse with Abnormal Thought Patterns, Claymation Horror Show and Channel The Suns.




December 13th , 2014

Utopian Trap is honored to be part of the "Music For Anya" concert. This is a benefit concert for Anya (our ex-singer Anand's daughter) who is fighting against DIPG.


August 2nd, 2014

After a bit of a hiatus from gigging, Utopian Trap is performing at The Quarter Note in Sunnyvale on August 12th, 2014. Here is the flyer for the show :








July 1st, 2014

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Rohil Taggarsi, an exceptionally talented prog metal drummer has joined Utopian Trap. He has started recording drums for the next Utopian Trap album and will play his first gig with the band soon.



October 1st, 2013

Our new song Wired Ruins is on ProgPower USA 2013 compilation CD!!




August 1st, 2013

We regretfully announce that our drummer Jai, one of the core members of the band’s first album, has decided to part ways with the band to pursue a different musical angle. The band invited a close friend and a drummer Tushar Agrawal to fill in for Jai. Tushar helped out the band immensely during the painful drummer-less months and recorded the first song of our second album Wired Ruins, which will be released on the ProgPower 2013 compilation CD.



Vocalist Eric Boles joins Utopian Trap

June 15th, 2013

Press Release

We regretfully announce that our vocalist James has decided to step down due to commitments on the personal front. James brought incredible energy to Utopian Trap shows and he will be missed. We wish him the best.

Utopian trap welcomes versatile progressive vocalist Eric Boles (ex-Timeline vocalist). Eric has already started recording vocals for the upcoming CD. Being a veteran in progressive metal world, Eric's vocals are a perfect match to Utopian Trap's music.

The current Utopian Trap lineup is Eric (vocals), Chandra (guitar), Vinod (guitar), Farhan (bass) and Jai (drums).


Chandra Endorses Morley Pedals

February 3rd, 2013

Utopian Trap is proud to announce endorsement for Morley pedals. Utopian Trap guitarist Chandra uses Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie II wah pedal, Morley A/B pedal and the Morley Alligator Volume pedal.




April 29th, 2012

Utopian Trap to perform at 9Lives in Gilroy, CA on August 11th, 2012.




April 20th, 2012

Utopian Trap to perform at Roosters Roadhouse in Alameda on June 22nd, 2012.




March 17th, 2012

Stoked to hear that KSCU 103.3 will be airing a Utopian Trap song tonight.
Tune into Progtology 101 @ 103.3 KSCU in the Bay. Or listen online @ http://tunein.com/radio/KSCU-1033-s35259/


January 9th, 2012

Congratulations to Utopian Trap guitarist Chandra for receiving artist endorsement from Sfarzo Strings.





December 14th, 2011

Utopian Trap Gig Announcement !!!

Utopian Trap to perform at Eli's Mile in Oakland, CA on January 12th, 2012.




December 7th, 2011

Vocalist James Toy joins Utopian Trap.

After months of searching for potential singers, Utopian Trap is extremely proud to announce ex-Crushdown vocalist James Toy as our new frontman.

We would like to thank all the singers who submitted their recordings, worked on the songs and came over for the auditions.


June 14th, 2011

With deep regret, we announce that Norman Skinner has decided to step down from his role as the Utopian Trap vocalist because of increasingly hectic gigging schedule of his other project SKINNER. We wish Norm and his band SKINNER the absolute best. Thanks Norm for your extraordinary work with Utopian Trap. Here is a press release from Norman :

After just a 7 month run I am announcing my departure from Sunnyvale based Progressive Metal band “Utopian Trap”. I have recently realized that I have taken on far too much and do not have enough time to fully dedicate myself as needed. I greatly enjoyed my time with the band and am happy we were able to play at least one live show together. I wish them well on their musical journey and will continue to support and promote their music. Interested vocalists should contact the band at utopiantrap@gmail.com


March 1st, 2010

Utopian Trap Gig Announced !!!

Utopian Trap to perform at Roosters Roadhouse in Alameda, CA on April 29th, 2011.


January 26th, 2011

Utopian Trap vocalist Norman Skinner was interviewed on Metal Messiah Radio. Heres the podcast


November 14th , 2010

Vocalist Norman Skinner joins Utopian Trap.

Norman Skinner III joins Utopian Trap as the new vocalist. Norman is a phenomenal musician and lyricist and his voice has an incredible depth and range. His official website is http://www.savascream.com/ . Utopian Trap bids farewell to their first singer Anand whose schedule and other music priorities stopped him from continuing to be the Utopian Trap frontman. Thanks Anand for your amazing work on the first album.

With 6 studio albums, countless shows, & tours under his belt San Francisco Bay Area Metal veteran Norman Skinner has made a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Metal world. Dubbed the Metal Chameleon by members of the press, Skinner possesses a very wide range and utilizes it in a unique style to effortlessly switch between the beautiful and the brutal.

Norman Skinner started his musical career in the mid 90’s joining the Power Metal band Tramontane. He recorded his 1st album “December Dark” with the band in 1998 before moving on to form Machine.Called.Man. Honing his skills over the next few years Skinner was asked to join the already established Thrash band Imagika. Skinner gained notoriety as one of the best vocalist in the Bay Area and went on to record 4 albums with the band before departing in 2010.


October 21st, 2010

HeavyMetalReview.com reviews Fiction Fades Into Reality.

http://www.heavymetalreview.com/UtopianT rap_FFIR.html

Heres the review :


Utopian Trap – Fiction Fades Into Reality


First impression is the name of the game in this genre! I liked what I heard first up with a catchy guitar line! A driving rhythm set the mood for this song! The length of intro became some concern for me though as the song began to almost feel like an instrumental track in the making. The vocals soon made it obvious it wasn’t instrumental. By the end I was still pleased with the overall sound though somewhat not as bodied as I would have preferred, a little thin for my liking.

Production 7 Songwriting 6 Musicianship 6

Hollow Point Death Knell:

Good rhythm structure for main riff in this song. It grooves well with an exciting beat and aura. After the finish I had to think it was almost two songs in one not fitting into your commercial typical song format ala Black Sabbath for this style. I enjoyed the ideas though.

Production 7 Songwriting 6 Musicianship 6


This track began with a haunting type acoustic feel, almost minstrel medieval style. The song developed into a completely different feel, which carried through till the end with several movements or passages. By this third song I was starting to get the feel the album was more a matter of movements for different phases of stories yet not operatic, nor commercially inclined catchy songs. Again, I heard potentially great ideas and creativity wanting to flourish here.

Production 7

Songwriting 6

Musicianship 6

Hate Machinery:

Starting slow and sensual in texture, the track suddenly develops into a chunky, dark theme. This moves into a gallop type rhythm structure. I found the track lacking in vocal clarity and I’m not a huge fan of hard to understand vocals. This track was somewhat monotonous. The guitar tones were great and the end gave us an idea of developing lead guitar virtuosity. Having a very demanding industry out there, this track did not quite cut it for me.

Production 7 Songwriting 6 Musicianship 6.5

Like Child Like Man:

Creepy and dark, this song draws you in at first. Vocals are much more clear within this song, showcasing the tones of the singer in a more appreciating way. Again there are several movements throughout, a little messy, taking you to too many places.

Production 7 Songwriting 6 Musicianship 6

Vicodin Baby:

There are interesting production ideas in this song. Guitars get space to show off more. I don’t get grabbed though leaving me to feel a little let down. This track felt like it was going through the motions for the sake of it, and not really taking you anywhere.

Production 7

Songwriting 5

Musicianship 6


This floats to the first verse with a crunchy rhythm and then picks up with a grungy riff. I like the guitars in this song, which stands out from the others. Holding you throughout, I found this track the most enticing so far on the album. We have excellent creative potential here.

Production 7 Songwriting 7 Musicianship 7

A Promise Of Paradise:

In your face riffage from the start ignites this piece. Digresses though into an almost out of place change. Back into the main song feel we again get hooked. The vocals are inconsistent for my liking, which is not to say the vocals have no potential for outstanding works.

Production 7 Songwriting 6 Musicianship 6

Doctrine Of Premonition:

A sweet melodic intro gives way to a grungy bass riff into more grooving guitar lines, sets the mysterious vibe for this track. I really like the clean guitars on this track as well.

This tune sits well on my ears with adventurous lines and tones. By far the most versatile and luscious track musically, I enjoyed the aural adventure here. This is a fine end to a potentially cool band.

Production 7 Songwriting 7 Musicianship 7

I see great potential for a developing outfit. More solid production and structured songs will up the anti for this band Utopian Trap. My overall sense is the songs aren’t quite strong enough to be memorable or commercial and verge on instrumental beds. The lead guitars need to showcase more and production control is somewhat lacking luster and body. Well done, bring it on, could develop very well indeed!

 Pete M.






August 15 th, 2010

Heres the Octopus Lounge Flyer



August 1st, 2010

Utopian Trap Gig Announced !!!

Utopian Trap to perform at Octopus Lounge in Pacifica, CA on September 20, 2010 Metal Mondays


July 26th, 2010

Mojo’s Pick of the Week: Utopian Trap

Jul 26, 2010 Pick of the Week
Fans of classic Dream Theater and Death Angel will dig the sound of local boys Utopian Trap. Rising from the ashes of former project “Fiction”, their big sound gives progressive metal a modern twist while still staying true to the genre. Good stuff guys!



July 7th, 2010

Bass/Keyboard Player Farhan joins Utopian Trap.

Accomplished musician Farhan joins Utopian Trap as the new bassist. Farhan brings with him years of experience as a musician and recording engineer. Regarding Sid, the former bass player -- He has just had a son. Congratulations to the new dad !! Because he wants to spend more time with his family, Sid is stepping down from his role as the bass player. He is changing roles within the band. He will still be involved with the band and is currently focussing on marketing/production.


June 20th, 2010

TheThrashMetalGuide.com reviews FFIR album http://www.thethrashmetalguide.com/U.html. Heres the text of the review :

An excellent debut of classic progressive power/thrash; the guys find the perfect balance between the hard-hitting parts and the mellower ones, as the former are usually in mid-tempo, as seen from the two opening numbers. Then comes the progressive opus "Fragile" which is mostly instrumental with great "lead-riff" duels recalling the progressive metal legends End Amen. More dark more immediate stuff comes for a couple of songs until "Rebirth" which is a great technical power/thrasher with the only up-tempo part which will lift the mood high. It will remain high on the following "A Promise of Paradise" which is a dynamic Oriental number with great leads and melodic hooks, just a bit slower than the preceding one, but quite enjoyable all over. The closing "Doctrine of Premonition" is a more quiet instrumental track with balladic overtones still containing a few raging parts. The singer is a perfect fit with his mid-levelled clean tember although he could have strained himself here and there to test the higher registers.
Fiction Fades Into Reality Full-length, 2010

May 15, 2010

Utopian Trap is on MuzikMachine countdown this week. Heres the results.


April 18th, 2010

Check out the new myspace Utopian Trap page Utopian Trap on myspace


April 3rd, 2010

Utopian Trap music played on Flaming Skull Podcast Metalcast Episode 10 - United Metal Nations II. Also includes other bands like Sylosis, Artillerie, Fallen Grace, Depletion.




March 25th, 2010

James Logan Courier reviews Fiction Fades Into Reality album. Heres the link.

Listen Up: Locals Drop New Album Fiction Fades into Reality: All But Fiction

band pic

By Anar Salayev, Courier Correspondent

Utopian Trap, made up of Bay Area residents Chandra Garud (guitar), Vinod Bhat (guitar/lyrics), Jai Dhar (drums), Anand Kannan (Vocals), and Sidharth Thakur (Bass/backing vocals), just recently came out with their debut album, Fiction Fades Into Reality.

The symbolic name of the band, Utopian Trap, represents how something so perfect and pure could lead one to confusion and frustration and, essentially, trap them within their own minds.

This band is a fusion of classical metal with nu-metal, prog-rock, death core, psychedelic rock, and ambient blues. All of the songs on the album give way to technical guitar riffs, in your face drumming, a solid bass line and powerful vocals.

The album starts off with a sweep-like guitar lick that immediately tells the listener just how powerful the rest of the songs are. The first song, "Impaired," slowly melts into the next song," Hollow Point Death Knell." The adrenaline buzz induced by the two introduction songs cool off when the next song, "Fragile," starts off. This ambient song continues 3 and a half minutes with a mellow acoustic guitar then builds up into a face-melting guitar, packed with tons of lead and distortion.

The rest of the album consists of a strong emphasis on the heavy, but harmonic, guitar riffs. In fact, the guitar’s so dominant, there’s a feel like they are the one’s singing and the vocals are just in the background.

After a quick interview with Chandra, the lead guitarist, I find out the true meaning behind the lyrics. Though the lyrics have a dark and sinister feel to them, they carry with them a deeper and more personal meaning. The album follows a story of a boy that struggles throughout his life and, as he gets older, realizes just how bad his life is. The last songs represent the boy’s confusion between reality and imagination, triggered by the comfort he gains from his thoughts rather than what’s really happening.

The great thing about this album (and the band) is how easily they can utilize, and help bring back, the sounds of classical rock but modernize it just enough to give the new generation something to relate to and understand. My favorite song on the album is Hate Machinery, the fourth track, because it has a really heavy, modern sound and the lyrics are out of this world.

Overall, this is a truly spectacular debut album. It’s extremely heavy, but also, on the other extreme, very melodic. I appreciate the technicality and “godliness” shown by each band member, but at times, I feel like it’s too much: the singing is too drowned out and, when it isn’t, the singer sounds as if he’s just preaching to a large group of people.

Also, though the bass is heard, it’s not as powerful as you would expect from a band with such extraordinary talents. Some great things about this album is how heavy and meaningful it is. It’s rare nowadays to, on one hand, be able to relate to the lyrics of any one song and also, given the song is in another situation, beat the living crap out of someone in an angry mosh-pit.

Furthermore, the recording is highly genuine, bringing out the true musical ability in every member, with little or no added effects. I give this album a 6 out of 10 because, though it’s too technical, the talent shines through and the songs are all distinctive in their own ways.



March 11th, 2010

Fiction Fades Into Reality mp3s now available on Amazon.com


February 22nd, 2010

Utopian Trap announces the long awaited release of their debut CD called Fiction Fades Into Reality. This complex album is based on a concept story and the mood constantly changes from frantic to melancholy to angry and agressive. While rooted in traditional heavy metal the music delves into technical, thrash and progressive territories. CDs and MP3 downloads available on utopiantrap.com. Digital download also available on ITunes, CDBaby, Napster.

Heres the press release from Utopian Trap .


February 10th, 2010

All Recording, Mixing, Matering and CD Artwork is done. CD release date has been finalized. Its gonna be Feb 22nd, 2010. CD production was done by ultraentertainment.com.


March 1st, 2009

Utopian Trap starts working on the recording of the debut CD.


January 1st 2009

New bassist, Sid, and vocalist Anand complete the Utopian Trap lineup.

Utopian Trap is a progressive metal band from San Francisco Bay Area. Their debut album Fiction Fades Into Reality was released on Feb 22nd, 2010.